Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

Category: Book 4

  • The Dragons of Mithgryr is out

    Book 4 in Oslac’s Odyssey continues the adventures of Alex and Daniel but this time we join them in a training session. On the planet Mithgryr (first introduced in book 2, The Anquerian Alternative) Darthyn, a powerful and well-respected dragon of Crada, is keen to help the humans explore the planet. Unfortunately, others are also […]

  • Book 4, the Dragons of Mithgryr, is coming along and I need your help.

    Getting more really positive feedback on the books (and I’m 16 pages into chapter 5 of book 4) and they are selling, but it’s a slow build. All I have to promote my books is my readers. I don’t have the money to do massive advertising campaigns on FB or Amazon and, to be honest, […]