Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

The Books

Book 1

When Dr Alex Oslac is tasked with archiving the Herabridge school history to celebrate its 500th anniversary, she encounters a past master of the school who died in World War 1. From that moment she is haunted by dreams of past lives in his company throughout history. Worse, when she looks up the details of those dreams she finds them all to be true. Is she going mad, or is there something else going on? Something so huge she couldn’t possibly get her head around it… Until after she dies.

Book 2

Alex and Daniel have moved on to new adventures, supported by Almega and the ubiquitous Omskep. In Anqueria, where the worlds of the imagination can be made real, anything is possible -- dragons, hyper-intelligent rodents, ghosts, robots on the rampage -- but at least they're finally home... aren't they?

Book 3

Without Almega to help them, in an entirely new world and with powers greater than ever before, Alex (Oslac) and Daniel (Eridar) face the future. They have a few remaining problems to solve, a universe to create containing a uniquely gifted species, and one final mystery to address, but as Oslac's powers leave her, she fears mortality is not just for those at the lowest level.

Book 4

The adventures of Daniel and Alex continue, but this time we are with them in one of their trainings. Gorthan is still in charge of Crada (The Anquerian Alternative) and Darthyn is one of his most respected dragons. Together with the humans who now live on Mithgryr, it’s time to explore the rest of their world. All is not well on Crada, however. Some dragons don’t care for the humans and want them gone, by any means possible. All they need to succeed is for Darthyn not to return from his trip.

Book 5

The Siphians are a telepathic rodent species who solve problems for the universe (first introduced in The Anquerian Alternative), but when the problem is on their own doorstep, things get a lot more complicated. When one of their own is captured by an insect queen who sees them as dinner, the Collective pulls out all the stops to remove the invader.

Meanwhile, lurking in the forest, the giant sikets weave their webs and watch with interest. Whoever wins, someone's on the menu.

Book 6

On Saros, the last Ygaran outpost before the massive energy field known as The Deyar blocks the way, Zhirini is caught in the shelters under her bombed city. A senior grade medic, accidentally left behind when the Anarxgy forces broke through the defence perimeter, she thinks she's going to have to struggle on alone until she succumbs to the inevitable. That is until enterprising Defence Coordinator and rogue genius Beyok stumbles across her. He's not willing to give in so easily. He's got an idea. They're going to steal an Anarxgy ship and escape to Ygaran space. Problem is, the Anarxgy are on their tail and The Deyar is in their way.

Book 7

On the mining planet of Omneminer, where corporate power is everything and pollution has driven all but the poorest humans and aliens to live inside or underground, Karia Kanarvan has just been promoted to Detective Inspector. Called out to a routine industrial accident, a chance encounter reveals that more is going on than meets the eye, leading to a web of intrigue that goes right to the top.

Karia has a secret that she must maintain at all costs, which makes the attentions of investigative journalist David Hatcher somewhat concerning. Even more so when she discovers that he is the son of Philip Gurdan, head of one of the five corporations that runs Omneminer.

Book 8

Thanks to an accident, Alex finds herself within the computer, Omskep, but without an avatar. She has no means of escape until everything in the prime universe is dead, trillions of years in the future. With Almega guiding the crossovers, Alex jumps from universe to universe across the millennia, while Daniel acts as her aid and her only contact with Almega and the way home.

The problem is that this time neither she nor Daniel can choose where they go, and the darker side of the multiverse is sometimes revealed.

The Testimonals

Death or Death which would you choose?

This book returns us to the Ystrian Dreams stream of the story. However, we are taken to another part of the universe and the Anarxgy are still waging their holy war to rid the universe of the Ygarans.

On the planet Saros Zhirini, a level 4 medic and weaver meets Beyok, a Defence Coordinator Level 4 and find themselves stranded on the planet after the last evac ship has left. (Level 4 is the highest rank where you actually do the thing you are trained to do.)

We follow them on their adventures across space. Trying to stay ahead of the Anarxgy. Find food to supplement the rations they cobbled together from Saros. Keep an alien ship working and avoiding the The Deyar. An area of space that makes the Bermuda Triangle look like a pleasant day at the seaside.
We also learn that each is the Yin to the others Yang.

S E Ney once again challenges the reader with moral dilemmas, fast paced action and the question What Would You Do? Zhirini and Beyok use their strengths to support each other by coming at each problem from a different angle.

And what would you do when faced with certain death from the Anarxgy or certain death in The Deyar?


Simply brilliant!

A very welcome return with the latest entry in the Oslac’s Odyssey series, which has quickly become one of my favourite Science Fiction series to follow.

Once again this a superbly crafted novel with excellent characterisation and storytelling. It might sound cliché to refer to a book as a page-turner but this one genuinely is. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. This is a novel that is well worth the time spent reading it.

Although it can be read as a standalone novel I’d highly recommend picking up the other novels in the series because they are all highly recommended.

S. Gerrans

A fantastic, cerebral Dragon fantasy tale

I thoroughly recommend this!
The author changes her style for this one, it’s more of an action book than the previous ones, but certainly doesn’t suffer for it. A great read, great characters and the usual excellent writing.
This is also a great book to read stand-alone, so if you’ve not read the others don’t let that put you off!


Sparkling story with deeper wisdom

(For Dragons of Mithgryr)

This is the first of S. E. Ney’s books I’ve read, and while it is part of a larger series of books, it works brilliantly on its own. The characters are immediately compelling, and throughout the book in this sparkling fantasy world the narrative dips into some challenging philosophical issues that trigger deeper thought. Intelligently written and yet suitable for older kids and teens – my son read this one too and enjoyed it just as much as I did. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the fantasy and sci-fi genre, an instant classic.

Lucy Angel Hyde

I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

If you like Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St Mary’s, Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series or Eva St John’s The Quantum Curators series, then this book is for you.


Quickly drawn into this universe

How would you feel when you find out the life you have led from birth to death isn’t what you thought it was? We meet Alex Oslac when she is a teacher in an English grammar school that is about to celebrate its 500th anniversary.

As well as her teaching duties and organising a school trip, the headmaster gives Alex the job of writing a history of the school. Going through the archives she comes across a photo of a male teacher. Why does she have a feeling that she knows him?

S E Ney takes on a journey through time and space which includes intrigue on the Titanic before the iceberg. And why is the established timeline of history being changed? Where are we going to be taken to?

I found that I was quickly drawn into this universe and wanted to find out who, what, why, when, where and how of the storyline. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


Recommended by a friend

The first few chapters threw me as they weren’t what I expect from a sci-fi story, however that soon changed and I found myself being drawn in. Well researched, well written and a story line that’s very different from what I’ve read before in this genre. Looking forward to reading the next one.

Tracy Denholm

Would Make Great Films

I have loved these stories from the beginning! S.E. Ney has a great gift for creating characters and worlds that ring so true. In the first novel where Alex and Daniel travel through time she has certainly done her homework and I felt that I was there with them as they try to unravel the mystery. Each book after that is unique but all tie in nicely with each other. She deftly picks up threads from the first books and then takes us on more adventures through space and wonderful new lifeforms with great attention to detail. I have said it before..If you love wonderful science fiction mixed with a touch of fantasy and written so well that I can only hope that some intelligent producer finds them and brings them to life. What a television series these would make! READ THESE BOOKS!!!


Fast paced, smart, and full of adventure

(For ‘Rise of the Deyarim’)

So glad I went on this adventure with Zhirini and Beyok! These two are super smart, ingenious, scrappy, and bold. Even tho the book seems big, it moves along at a fast clip and you won’t be bored. There is danger, innovation, celebration, and even some intergalactic intrigue. Another great novel by SE Ney! This is a stand alone book (except for the last chapter), and if you haven’t read any of her other works, I highly recommend you do so … immediately!


Enthralling series

This is an excellent series of books for any lover of well-constructed, imaginative fantasy. You’ll find yourself drawn into a unique universe, an extraordinary cast of beautifully-drawn characters and intricate, subtle and surprising plots. Well worth reading!


Amazon Customer

Prepare to have your mind expanded

No one who enjoys an intellectually stimulating story that stretches our imagination far beyond the boundaries we are accustomed to in the more conventional fantasy literature will feel short-changed by ‘Entrapment in Oestragar’.

S.E. Ney has a deep passion for history as well as philosophy, and it is easy to see that a great deal of detailed research has gone into the recreation of the historic periods her heroes visit on their time-travelling exploits. It is a novel full of wit and surprising turns, which is rich in pithy dialogues and penetrating observations on the predicament of our 21st-century civilization.

Peter Lauber

A good combo!

It’s a great read! A good combination of science fiction, history, and a little bit of Rod Serling-esque story telling. It’s hard to put down once you start!

Elise Ziv

Strong characters

If you enjoy reading a good story, and have an interest in history, sci-fi, with a smattering of philosophy, this is a recommended read. Strong characters and narrative-do give it a go!

Adam Stangroom

The adventure begins!

From the first chapter where Alex is interacting with her students, researching the history of the college and they find the photograph of Captain Daniel Lancaster, my curiosity was stirred. He had died in 1917, and Alex is quite taken with his photograph. She feels a connection….but why? Then, she dies and the adventures begin!

Barbara Bridwell

Give it a go!

Sci-fi meets philosophy in an engaging and wonderfully humourous adventure, complete with strong and smart characters! A brilliant narrative that will answer questions you never thought to ask – give it a go!

Sian Wheeler

Can’t wait!

The whole book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And if you are a fan of sci-fi/time travel etc you will enjoy it. Contains history and smattering of philosophy, good characters. This author has a good imagination and knowledge. I cannot wait for the next instalment.

Carol Wake

Fantastic Read

What an amazing author. Never ceases to amaze me of all the journeys we go on. It touches on all your emotions as the words put you right there as it is happening. I recommend it to everyone. I look forward to reading more of S E Ney’s books.

Jean Tunnicliffe

Worth it

Fast moving, great read

Susan Johnsen

Inspired Concept, beautifully delivered

Wow. Won’t say too much so as to avoid spoilers, but wow! Well-thought-out, beautifully crafted and an amazing concept. Off to buy the first 2 now as we’re first read on Kindle; I like to have a book to gloat over 🙂

Amazon Customer

A stunning conclusion

Ystrian Dreams, the final book of the “Oslac’s Odyssey” trilogy picks up the story immediately after the conclusion of the previous novel.

After Alex and Daniel’s transition to another level, and greater powers than before, we follow them as they create a new universe and the species to inhabit it. We also get to visit an interesting variety of fictional and historical settings as they solve the remaining problems. The fictional world-building is fantastic and the historical research impeccable. The story builds towards a surprising conclusion that is both inevitable and unexpected.

S Gerrans

Awesome new perspective!!

Simulated universes in Nested simulated universes!!.
With relatable characters and a good story-line. What more could you ask for!

David Fox

Great read!!!

An excellent book! Engaging and unexpected. I can’t wait for the next one!!!


Don’t start this at night; you won’t want to stop reading!

The author had me at book one, but the second one continues the adventures with more exciting twists and turns. It’s like a roller coaster for the mind! It’s impossible to put down this book, and it left me wanting to read the next one! I’m definitely hooked!

Denise R. Martin

Thought-provoking and fast paced

Insightful adventures through space, time and imagination, this continues the page-turning immersive reading of Book 1.
Full marks to the author for the world’s the characters inhabit.

Amazon Customer

A fantastic and thought provoking adventure

Following on from her impressive debut novel the second book in S. E. Ney’s ‘Oslac’s Odyssey’ trilogy is even better than the first. The author introduces a variety of wonderful new characters and thought provoking scenarios as she weaves a story that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Highly recommended.

S Gerrans


Couldn’t put it down. Just kept drawing me in and wanting to know more. Hope the series keeps going like this as I can’t wait to start the next one

Amazon Customer

Excellent, engaging read

After finishing book 2, The Anquerian Alternative I can honestly say it follows on seamlessly from book 1, Entrapment In oestragar. It draws you in deeper to the world of Alex and Daniel and leaves you wanting more.

This series is going from strength to strength ad I can’t wait to read book 3, Ystrian Dreams


Enjoyable read

A little slow to start, but stick with it and it gets really good fast.

Susan Johnsen

Unpredictable and thought provoking

Just when you think you know what will happen next, the storyline veers off in a totally unexpected direction! It was fun to read, and kept my attention from beginning to end.
It’s difficult to assign a genre to this book. It’s part history, philosophy, science fiction, and fantasy, with a few hints of romance thrown in!
This is certainly not cookie-cutter fiction! It will provoke you to imagine, and challenge your perception of reality. All in all, a great read!

Denise R. Martin

Great Read!

The author has an immense love of history as well as science fiction, with a strong grasp of technology.

Great characters in some pretty disparate settings and adventures, with a mystery driving the entire story. “WHAT is going on?” seems to be the overriding theme, asking the reader to figure it out as clues are dropped like crumbs in a forest with each succeeding adventure. (I’m trying!) But the adventures alone are fun.

Loads of fun. Major mystery. Intelligent AND exciting. For the reader who enjoys sci-fi, fantasy, and world history.

You’ve GOT to read this book!

Vera Anderson

Will suck you in and not let you go. Be warned.

If it wasn’t for the fact I had work the next morning I would have read it in one sitting! It sucks you in and gets you so absorbed you may want to set an alarm to remind you of the real world. If you like history, future history, philosophy, sci-fi and amazing world-building then this is a book for you. Starting the next book as soon as I have the chance and can’t wait!

Amazon Customer

A fantastic read. Highly recommended.

This is a fantastic book that combines elements of history; SF and philosophy into a truly unique story.

The author’s passion for history and meticulous research into the time periods portrayed in the book shine through and provide a fascinating background to the story.

I am intrigued as to where the story is going to go next and looking forward to spending more time with the lead characters and their adventures in future novels.

S Gerrans

Happily entrapped in this novel from the very first page.

The characters are believable, although they are ‘not of this world’. I became involved with them very quickly. The plot is multi-faceted, but quickly draws you in. The author has a fine grounding in history and technology and excellent world building skills. There are lots of surprises! I quickly purchased the second volume, and recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a really good read.

Nancy Wolff

I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m delighted that I tried it !

The fantasy /sci-fi type of book is not something which I normally read, but when this first novel came to my attention, I decided to give it a go. I expected to read a few chapters, decide it wasn’t my cup of tea and send it back to Kindle Unlimited.
I struggled with the first few chapters,I have to admit, but by the time I got to the Titanic scenes, I was hooked. Shaz Ney has managed to inter-weave well-researched historical detail with time travel and fantasy worlds and I loved it !! Please hurry up with the next volume!

Steve Gregory

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