Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

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  • Reviews are vital!

    Over a hundred and forty people every day submit books to Amazon. Many don’t bother with editors, proper formatting, plotting, characterisation or world building, and will sink without a trace. Others are excellent. The problem is finding the excellent amidst the dross. When faced with such a tsunami of books, how do your filter out […]

  • Book 5 release, and it’s freebie time!

    To celebrate the release of Siphian Syzygy, book 5 of my series ‘Oslac’s Odyssey’ on the 6th November, book 1, Entrapment In Oestragar, will be available to download free as an ebook from Amazon. The promotion runs from Thursday 4th to Friday 5th November. If you’ve been hesitant about buying book 1, here’s your chance […]

  • Source Material

    One of the sources I used in an effort to capture something of the atmosphere aboard Titanic was Titanic, Honour and Glory. It’s a computer game but so much more. The developers have been working on this for YEARS, trying to make it not just a game but the most accurate virtual recreation of Titanic […]