Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

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  • Reviews are vital!

    Over a hundred and forty people every day submit books to Amazon. Many don’t bother with editors, proper formatting, plotting, characterisation or world building, and will sink without a trace. Others are excellent. The problem is finding the excellent amidst the dross. When faced with such a tsunami of books, how do your filter out […]

  • Book 2 coming December 1st!

    As those on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/oslacsodyssey/ are aware, book 2 of Oslac’s Odyssey, The Anquerian Alternative, will be released on Amazon December 1st, 2019. The eBook is available for pre-order but I WILL be linking the paperback with the eBook, so if you buy the paperback you get the eBook for free (NOT vice […]

  • Book 2 pre-order coming in November!

    The Anquerian Alternative, book 2 in Oslac’s Odyssey, will be available for pre-order from Amazon in November. If you enjoyed Entrapment in Oestragar and want to find out what happened next to Alex and Daniel, here’s your chance. They have many adventures ahead! They work with dragons, robots, super-intelligent rodents, their usual allies (including Almega […]