Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

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  • Reviews are vital!

    Over a hundred and forty people every day submit books to Amazon. Many don’t bother with editors, proper formatting, plotting, characterisation or world building, and will sink without a trace. Others are excellent. The problem is finding the excellent amidst the dross. When faced with such a tsunami of books, how do your filter out […]

  • Rise of the Deyarim cover

    Some may recognise the little beastie who appears on the cover of book 6. He’s from one of my brother, Tim White’s covers. Tim died in 2020 and his daughter, Lucy, now holds the copyright. I checked with her and she gave me permission to use Tim’s artwork. T-Jay combined it brilliantly with the style […]

  • Book 5 release, and it’s freebie time!

    To celebrate the release of Siphian Syzygy, book 5 of my series ‘Oslac’s Odyssey’ on the 6th November, book 1, Entrapment In Oestragar, will be available to download free as an ebook from Amazon. The promotion runs from Thursday 4th to Friday 5th November. If you’ve been hesitant about buying book 1, here’s your chance […]

  • Siphian Syzygy nearing publication!

    Started the read-through while awaiting my editors to finish the final chapters. I was right, it’s about the size of Ystrian Dreams so not quite the doorstop that was Dragons of Mithgryr but not small either and packed with action. I feel, once again, that I should warn potential readers that one of the species […]

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