Book 4, the Dragons of Mithgryr, is coming along and I need your help.

Getting more really positive feedback on the books (and I’m 16 pages into chapter 5 of book 4) and they are selling, but it’s a slow build. All I have to promote my books is my readers. I don’t have the money to do massive advertising campaigns on FB or Amazon and, to be honest, I hate doing that anyway. I get it, advertising puts the product in front of potential buyers and that’s good, but I’ve a personal aversion to adverts. I’m a polarity responder by nature so pressure advertising puts me off whatever it is they’re trying to sell (take note Youtube. You have no idea how many sales your pressurised repeated advertising has killed!). However, if a friend I trust says “Hey, I just read X. I think you might enjoy it!” (thanks Carol Wake. I did!) I’m likely to listen. Adam (cheers, mate) put me onto the St Mary’s books. A mate in the pub put me onto Terry Pratchett (for which I will be forever grateful). The recommendation of friends is the most trustworthy source I know and it’s targeted. Not a wild “if you have cash, you’re our target even if you’d hate this!”, but a “I know you and I think this is right up your street. I enjoyed it and I want to share that enjoyment with you” kind of targeting. So, if you enjoyed the books and you know someone you think would enjoy them, please point them to the books. If they have Kindle Unlimited, the books are free so it won’t cost them a penny. The ebooks are less than the price of a couple of pints or a burger meal (both of which end up down the toilet) and last a LOT longer. So please, tell a friend. Don’t ram it down their throats. Lend them your copy of book 1 (make sure you make a note and get it back. I’ve lost count of how many books I’ve lost that way!), promote it on your FB page (not every day, week or even month. Once a year would be enough). Drop the hint. I want to make a living as a writer. It’s in your power to make that a reality. And to those who’ve been doing this, all I can say is a massive THANK YOU! You, alone, are responsible for giving me a second career and I love you for it!

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