Oslac's Odyssey

By S.E. Ney

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  • Awesome fan letter

    This was the letter I was sent by one of my readers. I still have it (needless to say!). Probably going to frame this one! Your first ‘fan letter’ is a big thing!

  • And now we have a blog!

    As you can see, Guildford Web Services Ltd. have now updated this site to include a blog. Please remember a lot of chat takes place on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/oslacsodyssey/ but I thought it would be nice to have somewhere for immediate and specific posts relating to the book, and to allow people to respond.

  • Reviews

    The widget (and the trouble it caused) has been fixed. You can now leave reviews on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/oslacsodyssey/ and they are linked directly to here. Many thanks to all who take the trouble. Every comment helps people decide whether to buy the book. Hopefully, people will follow the old rule (that my parents […]

  • Social Media

    Don’t forget you can talk directly to the author at https://www.facebook.com/Oslacs-Odyssey-420836958463192/ Please remember to like the page and thank you for visiting!

  • Welcome all

    I hope you enjoy chapter 1 of Entrapment in Oestragar. If you find it a bit of a slow start, be assured that’s pretty much the slowest it will ever be. After this, it’s ‘strap yourself in ‘cos you’re taking a ride!’ but like all good stories, you have to meet the characters before you […]

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