It will be in the hands of the editors!

By the end of this week (Sunday, 17th May) I will have finished the first draft of chapter 8 — the last chapter of the last book in the trilogy. The process has gone quite smoothly and I don’t think there’ll be much of a rewrite before it goes out to editors. However, as my editors are all busy, it may take a while before I get the final edits back and put everything together. That said, I’m still on target for June release and I will be doing everything in my power to ensure it happens (I don’t like to let my readers or myself down!).

As a side note, a reminder that this blog is monitored and NO posts are allowed without clearance, so the idiots who keep trying to post their spam can give up (11 today) because it will NOT get through. I read every post before clearing and if it doesn’t make sense or is loaded with links it’s automatically marked as spam and deleted. If it is filled with non-sequiturs that refer to things that aren’t on this page or simply don’t make sense it is also deleted. Even if one gets through, that doesn’t give an open door to future posts from that user. No poster gains automatic clearance except the site admin, and then only if I’m logged in. While I am slightly astonished the morons have even FOUND this page (I assume their spam engines are working overtime!) they really are wasting their time. Guildford Web Services has done a fantastic job of locking this blog down to ensure it’s not overwhelmed and keeping it spam free. Remember, my FB page is regularly updated and if you want to chat to me you can find me easily on there.

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