Buying off the Dark Web

Knowing the address of this page is in the books, and in the hope that victims will read this…

I note my books appear to have been put on the dark web to be downloaded if you hand over your credit card details to a Russian company. OK, first, who’s so stupid as to hand over their ENTIRE CC details (including CVC) to an unknown and unmonitored internet site? Are you nuts??? Second, the books are available FOR FREE if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited. This isn’t a short term offer. It’s there and it will stay there. Why risk having every penny taken from your account by some unknown party to get it ‘for free’ when you can get it for free anyway from a safe source? I ONLY sell through Amazon, so if you see it somewhere else, that’s nothing to do with me and I cannot support you. I also note that the copy of Ystrian Dreams ‘out in the wild’ has some major typos that were fixed on the official release within 2 days (problems with Amazon’s software recognising Greek script). That means if you get a dodgy one you’re getting a copy with a couple of huge mistakes in it. Why would you want that? So, to the people thinking of getting the books ‘for free’… £4.99 really isn’t much to ask for 8 months worth of work, is it? I’m glad you enjoyed Entrapment in Oestragar so much you wanted to find out what happened next, but seriously, don’t risk your money on dodgy ‘freebies’ that may not be. Sign up to Kindle Unlimited for a month, grab the other two and read, then cancel your membership if you don’t want it anymore. Also, tell others! I need all the readers I can get. I need reviews on Amazon to get up the rankings (Entrapment is so low that if you dug down to the core of the planet you *might* find it, but I don’t guarantee it!). I love my readers and I don’t want anyone to get hurt because they want to read my books. I know no one will ever stop stuff being shared on torrents etc. and some are happy to steal from an author. Such is life, but please keep in mind I am not JK Rowling or Sir Terry Pratchett or any of those other authors who are in the top rank of sales. I’m a struggling newbie trying to make a ding in the universe and it’s an uphill fight. If you must steal from me, at least tell others about the books, do reviews (here or on the FB page if not Amazon, though if you want to help, Amazon is the best place to review them) and PLEASE, if you were stupid enough to hand over your CC details to these swine, tell the bank your CC has been lost/stolen and you need a new one! Don’t get taken to the cleaners because you want to read my stuff. It’s dumb!

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